The Confident Bride
Building Body Confidence & Self Esteem

'Dear Sally...

‘Everybody thinks their wedding should be wonderful, except me. I’m dreading the thought of being on show.  All eyes will be judging me – expecting the performance of a lifetime.  There’s nowhere to escape.  I’m going to hate every minute of it and can’t stop crying when I look in the mirror.’

If being the centre of attention makes you feel anxious, if you dislike your body and are not even looking forward to trying on your dress for fear of hating what you see, this package is for you. You will arrive at your wedding feeling able to accept your body and even liking parts of it! You will look forward to putting on your dress, getting your hair and makeup done and will be excited to greet your guests without worrying about your looks. This 12-week coaching package addresses the root cause of your body confidence issues and enables you to identify what your confident body wants to do. Together we set goals and shape an action plan for you to achieve them.

The Confidence package is for you if:

  • You’re sick of yoyo dieting that doesn’t change the way you see yourself
  • No matter how good you feel, just one glance in the mirror can burst your bubble
  • You hate getting undressed in front of your fiancé
  • You know life is too short to waste worrying what other people think of you
  • You want to feel at home in your own skin
  • You want to look forward to seeing and loving your wedding photos
  • It’s time to make friends with your body

How it works

The truth is that the change won’t happen in your body, it’s going to happen in your mind.  It’s the distorted image you hold that is hurting you, and together we can shift it – because we’ll allow the time it takes to unpick the fallacy and reveal the real you.

  • 3 months coaching with sessions every fortnight
  • A comprehensive assessment and deep dive to explore how you want to look and feel on your wedding day – and what is holding you back
  • 6 x 60 minutes sessions will steer you from darkness towards freedom from your negative beliefs
  • Coaching exposes disempowering thought patters and challenges unwanted behaviours that trap you in self-doubt and low self esteem
  • We will create your body confidence plan and discuss how to re-shape your environment
  • You will learn new tools for mind and body, including breath work, to build lifelong positive habits for living at your best
  • Gradual changes take place every week to deliver transformational results
  • Enjoy unlimited one-to-one email and text support for the duration of the program

5* Google Review

Thanks for your kindness, calm and supportive manner and amazing questions I’ve gone from dreading all the attention
I would receive at my wedding to looking forward to sharing my excitement with our guests, knowing that I will have my hair and make up done and will look really lovely in my dress.

What a change!

To be honest when we started I didn’t believe it was possible to change how I felt about my body. I wasn’t able to look in the mirror without hating myself, sometimes crying about the disappointment I felt about my looks and wouldn’t undress in front of my partner. I never imagined I would feel differently, but I do. ..I am still working on myself but I have noticed a huge improvement in such a short time. Thank you Sally.

Molly getting married Aug 21

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