The Chilled Bride
The Chilled Bride: Ultimate Stress Relief for Brides.

'Dear Sally...

‘We are investing a small fortune in preparing this wedding, so everyone’s expectations are sky-high already.  What started as a joyful adventure is turning into a nightmare – and we’re nowhere near finished with the planning.  The worst part is trying to keep everyone else happy when the whole point is to celebrate a new life with the person I love.  And right now, the stress is crushing me.’

Managing a £25k+ budget alongside work & family strife may leave you feeling very stressed. If you are struggling with family issues, or maybe distraught at facing your wedding after the loss of a parent, this can be even tougher. You know you should be putting your health and mindset first. But then you feel more overwhelmed because you’re getting further behind with the wedding planning.  If you’re battling to get things done, can’t concentrate and need some help to break through the fog, my top-level bespoke 12-week package focused on restoring your health, happiness and hope is designed for you. 

The chilled bride package is for you if:

  • You’re sick of trying to find a reachable compromise between opposing opinions
  • You’ve never felt so disorganised and your usual brilliant self seems to have gone AWOL
  • You feel thwarted by the demands of others and guilty about wanting things your own way
  • You know life is easier when you give in, but it’s ruining your plans, costing too much money and taking up far too much valuable time
  • You want to get back to having a decent night’s sleep without worry and to feeling energised and productive during the day
  • You want to win people over with calm respect and speak up for the wedding you want with confidence and grace
  • It’s time to feel that you’re back in control, get things in perspective and establish your boundaries

How it works

This is your wedding and that’s why the ultimate coaching package will be 100% tailored to you, your goals and your dreams. We’ll begin by taking a visualised snapshot of the key areas of your life and discover where harmony and balance are missing.  From there, we map out the critical issues and set goals to increase enjoyment and reduce overwhelm.

  • 3 months coaching with sessions every fortnight
  • Starts with a clear understanding of what’s behind the issues you’re struggling with
  • 6 x 90 minutes sessions will lift you from drowning in despair to positive and prepared
  • Coaching reveals the roadblocks you encounter in your wedding plans and delivers powerful tools for overcoming them
  • We will examine the impact of stress on your mind, body and behaviour and put you back in control of your response to every eventuality
  • We will help you navigate and practise those difficult conversations
  • You will learn how to reverse negative self-talk and pave the way for a happy and loving married life ahead
  • Celebrate your progress and focus on your unique strengths and accomplishments, without comparing yourself to others
  • Enjoy unlimited one-to-one email and text support for the duration of the program
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