Mother in Law of the Bride
Type 2 Diabetes is not your fault

Mother in Law of the Bride

“I eat really healthily and still pile on the weight”

Mary is 60 and like many of us struggles with her weight. Clothes no longer fit, she hates how she looks and can’t see how she can eat much less. The thought of being on show at her daughter in law’s wedding filled her with dread.

During our 1st consultation I could see Mary’s life was not easy. Caring for her husband with dementia and difficulties in the family left her exhausted, sleeping poorly and feeling constantly stressed.

Her feelings of anger, frustration and guilt drove up her cortisol levels (a stress hormone) increasing her brain fog, feelings of overwhelm and sense of feeling out of control. She’d did what most of us would do and gave into the sugar cravings and comfort ate.

What Mary didn’t know was that Cortisol was doing much more than just make her comfort eat. It was pushing her blood sugars up.

When Cortisol remains chronically high there are negative effects on your body which increase Insulin resistance and raise your blood sugars.

For the first time in 5 years Mary slept through the night, her blood sugars are falling and she’s back in those jeans. She’s looking forward to the wedding knowing that she will look and feel great. 

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