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Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and not enjoying the build up to your wedding?
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Sally Jackson - Wedding Coach also known as Fairy Godmother for weddings helping you create your Perfect Day

Sally Jackson is a retired nurse, nutrition coach and emotional resilience trainer who is based in Exeter in Devon and uses her skills and experience to help brides flourish.

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Imagine arriving at your wedding day feeling confident, loving your figure, knowing your skin is radiant and that you have planned your perfect wedding day. Wouldn’t that feel amazing? 

The build up to your wedding and sometimes even the day itself can be extremely stressful. Brides can often end up feeling exhausted, sleeping poorly, finding it hard to concentrate, unable to make decisions, putting on weight, and feeling miserable and overwhelmed – all signs of stress. 

We’ll work to build your confidence by addressing 3 areas: mindset, nutrition and your skincare regime.

Learning how to better deal with stressful situations can help you feel calmer and more in control.

These are some of the areas I help with.

Body Confidence

  • I think I need to go on a crash diet how else will I look good?
  • I can’t buy my dress because I haven’t lost weight
  • I’m so worried that I won’t find a dress which I like or fits me because I’m too fat
  • I feel a bit heavy and would love to lose weight but don’t know where to start


  • How do I choose who should be in the guest list.
  • My parents are separated and my Dad says he’ll only come if he can invite 10 guests
  • The family want us to put on a mini bus to bring them to and from the hotel
  • My parents are paying for the wedding and it feels like they have to be involved and approve every decision. How can I say what I want?
  • My stepfather will be at the wedding I don’t know what table he should be on


  • We’ve set the budget for the wedding but I’m finding it so hard to stick to
  • I’ve seen the most beautiful dress but it’s above my budget
  • My parents are insisting on paying for the wedding but they really can’t afford it. It’s making me feel so stressed I wish I could speak to them


  • I can’t decide – feels so overwhelming. I don’t know where to start!
  • I keep questioning whether I’ve made the right decisions about the colours, theme, bridesmaid dress…
  • I just can’t find the wedding dress I want
  • All I seem to do is wedding planning it’s just not fun anymore


  • I don’t know where to start with a skincare routine?
  • I’m worried about breakouts spoiling my photographs?
  • I’d love glowing and radiant skin it’s just so dull and dry

I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation  so you can see if coaching can help you. Contact me to schedule an appointment.

It’s never been a harder time to be getting married and I just want to help you have fun whilst keeping the joy and excitement in your special day

Latest news, updates, testimonials and success stories

Since working with Sally my blood sugars have gone from diabetic to normal in 6 months she really cares and works hard for you to achieve optimal health
Lisa (40)
Newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic
At the end of the 30 days I felt full of energy, healthy and I just over 3kgs lighter! It was easy, tasted great... Thank you to Sally ... I know I will keep it off and haven't craved a bag of sweets since starting.
New Mother, Exeter
In one word, Sally is brilliant! She is warm and caring, plus knowing that she's a former nurse, gives me the confidence in her advice on nutrition and health.
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