Wedding Coach
Helping brides prioritise themselves so they have the wedding of their dreams
Wedding Coach
Building Body Confidence so you look and feel amazing.

Helping brides prioritise themselves so they have the wedding of their dreams

Whatever the problem is we can work together to address it

We’ll start by working out the sources of stress and then together we’ll look for bespoke solutions to help you address them and magic them away.

By sprinkling our fairy dust we’ll ensure you have the day you’d always dreamed of by:

  • Giving you tools for reducing stress and anxiety around your wedding
  • Building your body confidence so you will  not be worried about your body or skin  because you’ll know you look fabulous.
  • Using a holistic approach to ensure a healthy eating regime that nourishes you and optimizes your energy.
  • Giving you the tools and confidence to communicate your needs effectively with family, friends and wedding suppliers.
  • Helping you to get really clear on a plan that prioritises your needs

You’ve thought about the theme, the florist, the photographer but what about you?

Your wedding day and the build up to it represents a major life event and no matter how chilled you might be, or how simple your plans almost every couple feels stressed in the build up to their wedding.  It’s all too easy to forget that the stress this transition places you under can cause real upset in both our mind and bodies.

I’m the fairy Godmother of weddings. I sprinkle fairy dust through individual 1:1 coaching designed to minimize stress, so you sleep well, think clearly, feel energized, nourish your body and enjoy the preparations and your special day.

You will feel calm, reassured, have someone independent to be a listening ear and empower you to find the right solutions.

We’ll ensure you arrive at your wedding day having had fun, looking and feeling beautiful and having the day you truly wanted.

Fashion Testimonial Instagram Post
At the end of the 30 days I felt full of energy, healthy and I just over 3kgs lighter! It was easy, tasted great... Thank you to Sally ... I know I will keep it off and haven't craved a bag of sweets since starting.
New Mother, Exeter
In one word, Sally is brilliant! She is warm and caring, plus knowing that she's a former nurse, gives me the confidence in her advice on nutrition and health.
Mother of the Bride

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