Wedding Coach
Helping brides prioritise themselves so they have the wedding of their dreams
Wedding Coach
Building Body Confidence so you look and feel amazing.

Helping brides prioritise themselves so they have the wedding of their dreams

You’ve shared the wonderful news.  Everyone’s happy for you.  You make a fabulous couple and deserve a beautiful future together.  Champagne glasses are clinking, and that shiny stone on your finger is gleaming.

But deep down there’s a murmur… It starts as a rumbling concern you don’t really want to face – at least not until you have to – that this life-changing experience ahead may be part joy but, in equal proportions, it fills you with dread, anxiety or even absolute horror.

Before that cry for ‘Help!’ escapes your lips, allow me to introduce myself – I’m Sally, affectionately known by Brides as My Wedding Godmother.  You may think, and you’d be close, that it’s my job to melt all your worries away and transform your wedding into the fairy tale you’ve always dreamed about.

Close, but not quite right.  It’s my job to help YOU melt those worries away and show you how you can look forward to a real-life wedding that you’re actually going to love.

Weddings can bring out the good, the bad and sometimes even the ugly in the best of us.

  • Culture clash – it may not be Romeo and Juliet, but when circles of friends and mixed values coincide, it’s hard to find the right compromise
  • Family madness – everyone has an opinion and sometimes they forget what’s best for the bride and groom
  • Troublesome parents – doting, divorced, stepparents and in-laws – keeping them all on side and out of trouble can be exhausting
  • Bereavement – losing a parent before the wedding can cast shadows of pain and regret over proceedings
  • Budget breakdown – expectations can be sky-high these days but meeting them comes at a price
  • Body confidence crisis – when you struggle to love the body you were born with, being centre of attention can cause major wedding anxiety
  • Wedding diet disaster – the more you try to lose those extra pounds, the worse you seem to feel – and panic eating keeps the vicious cycle raging

How My Wedding Godmother Can Help You

You may not have thought of coaching as a method of handling your wedding problems but let me offer some reassuring evidence.  Bridal coaching has been around for the last seven years and evidence shows that brides can be more relaxed, confident, organised and in control with the aid of a dedicated professional who is focused on prioritising her needs.  After all, coaching has proven to work for business leaders, athletes and all kinds of career changers, with over 70% of people benefitting from improved work performance, better relationships and more effective communication.

Cheerleader, accountability partner, shoulder, guide – that’s what we need from a Godmother – and that’s what I offer my brides.  My three levels of support are designed to take one to three months, granting you the time and attention to listen and learn to love your body, make wise choices for your health and wellbeing, conquer the fears that hold you back, and overcome the overwhelm of wedding planning that won’t stay on track. 

Brides come to me for three main reasons: health, happiness and hope.

smiling bride with rose


Level One, Health: Weight Loss for Brides Without Diets or Doubts.

Health & Happiness

Level Two, Health and Happiness: Building Body Confidence 

Health, Happiness & Hope

Level Three, Health, Happiness and Hope: Ultimate Stress Relief for Brides 

‘My Wedding Godmother showed me the real girl in the mirror.’

Are you ready to say goodbye to wedding tension and stress?

Work with me if….

  • You want to move forward – but when you feel stuck, you lose your motivation
  • You value peace of mind and want to prioritise your health and wellbeing
  • You need someone to listen – someone who gets you – without an agenda
  • You know it’s time for some difficult conversations and want a clear head to handle them
  • You’re ready to feel calm, safe and beautiful – even if you don’t quite believe you can be – yet.

To get started on your adventure, contact me for a free, no obligation discovery call.  We’ll explore which package will work best for you – to meet your needs, your circumstances and your budget – and then we’ll start to draw up a road map from you to your wedding.

Every bride deserves a day to remember.  Contact me now and make that day today.

At the end of the 30 days I felt full of energy, healthy and I just over 3kgs lighter! It was easy, tasted great... Thank you to Sally ... I know I will keep it off and haven't craved a bag of sweets since starting.
New Mother, Exeter
In one word, Sally is brilliant! She is warm and caring, plus knowing that she's a former nurse, gives me the confidence in her advice on nutrition and health.
Mother of the Bride
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